Be Prepared for Winter Weather

We use state of the art testing equipment to help us provide you with a correct diagnosis THE FIRST TIME.

Why Coolant Checks are Important in Winter

Coolant needs to be checked on a regular basis for freeze point protection, cleanliness and acidity. Most coolant fails over time on an acidity basis. This causes internal cooling system corrosion, which ultimately shortens the life of cooling system components (i.e., radiator, water pump and hoses) AND the engine itself (gaskets, metal parts, etc.) Coolant will end up being exchanged or flushed every 2-3 years in most vehicles on a real world, regular basis.

Electrical System Tests

Using our state of the art equipment we can analyze your vehicles electrical system ; battery, starter & alternator to determine condition NOW before the problem happens; IN MOST CASES. If your battery is more than 4 years old, consider replacement.

With the ever increasing amount of electronics on vehicles today we cannot stress enough the importance of a good battery and electrical system.

Belt and Hose Checks

Vehicles may last longer, but belts and hoses may not. Our Winter Get Ready inspection includes a thorough inspection of belts and hoses. Most hoses degrade today from the inside out. You may not see the hose failing until it is too late. Serpentine belts are common today BUT this is usually a one belt, drives all system. A complete inspection & condition analysis for both of these key areas is vitally important.

Our Winter Get Ready Service Includes These Checks:

  • Check Coolant Freeze Pt. & Acidity Level
  • Test Vehicle’s Electrical System-Battery, Alternator & Starter
  • Check Vehicle Heater & Defroster
  • Inspect Wiper Blades
  • Inspect Tires– Tread Depth, Condition & Pressure (including spare tire)
  • Check Vehicle Lights
  • Underhood Inspection—Belts, Hoses, Cooling System
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Get a Correct Diagnosis, The First Time!

We use state of the art test equipment to help us provide you with an accurate diagnosis.